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programming a progressive house tutorial part 1

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how to make techno with one sample

How to make techno with only one sampleHey, people im back with another video. In this video, i teach you how to make techno with only one sample. I then show you how to process this one sample, add effects to it and make some rhythm so we have a beat. We then layer it with a drum loop.We then get creative with it and use our imagination and come up with some interesting techno riff.
So if you are looking for a simple way to make techno that will only take you less than 10 minutes then what are you waiting for? Just watch the video below to get started. I would love to hear and see your video responses to this video. Just post them on youtube and tweet me at @oldskooltekno or just leave a  response in the comments section or on youtube its all up to you. So again enjoy the video and happy programming. Remember techno is not dead! Only the haters think it's dead.

How to make a progressesive house track Makings of a progressive beat

Hello people im back with another post you know. Sometimes life gets in the way and you can't post as much as you would like.Anyhow this simple tutorial will show you the methods you need to create a simple 4 to the floor progressive trance or progressive house track.

 You all heard those tracks before where they swept you off your feet and you are left wondering how did they make them

The Methods
What you need. You need samples obviously. You can get cheap samples here . Then again you could make your own samples with a synth if need be.You could also just use samples you have and make something unique. That is the beauty of progressive trance and techno you could use any sound that is percussive.
Basically what you want to do is build your drum loops very extensive,and sexy. Layer them like crazy all while sounding real thoguh do not over do it.
Then add a new element every 4 bars on top of …

hard edm tutorial - with only samples

Making edm with only samplesHello people i wanted to show you how to make a edm track with only samples alone. There will be times when you want to make a track you have the creativity,and the desire and the know how to do it. But one thing is lacking you do not have the synths to recreate the sounds. Youre not sure the key was used maybe your not that good with music theory. Maybe you do not have the time and want to make a track fast without all the work. 
Thats is what samples are forYes that is what samples are for and they are great for this. Most sample packs are just drag and drop and already in sync no need to time stretch or beat match or anything . Just drag and drop and you will have your song in minutes.
So in this blog post i will be making 3 songs 1 edm and 2 house songs to give you an idea of how easy it is to do yourself. So the first video of this blog installment is edm which will be followed by house music.

I just added a deep house tutorial as well for all you deep ho…

Producing your first edm track as a newbie

We were all new once 
We were all newbies once .We all started from scratch from nothing.But those that still produce today those that kept at it,we continued to preserve  ,to get better and make our own style of sound and have our own way of making edm. We have our own brand so to speak of. When people hear our music they know instantly that is so and so that is that other guy or gal.
So when your first starting out it can be tricky to navigate the whole edm landscape of all the different genres ,all the terminology.  I get it it is easy to get lost in the shuffle between knowing what a side chain is between a side stick or the difference between contrast and contrary.  That's  why I am here to help you. I creates this edm blog tutorial just for you to help you along your way. Look at the blogs archive on some of my past blog posts on how to program certain sounds leads and melodies or main riffs. Like I said earlier we were all new once . So in this post I want to focus on a key…

How to make melodic trance riff melody

Hey people do check the blog more often for some free edm music tips and lessons and tutorials for newbies.

Yes newbies while my tutorials are for newbies you may find something helpful for yourself even if you been producing for a while. So let me tell you about the video.

The Video 

In the meantime this video is a short video where i show you how easy it is to make melodic trance. Melodic trance is one of my favorites by the way to produce. So if you have any questions about melodic trance or making chord progressions or stacking your elements. leave your comments in the comment section below. In the video i keep it simple. I show you what newbies do as a mistake. Most newbies will just loop a 2 bar melody to the  point of boredom and you just want to kill yourself. But when you been practicing and producing for a while you will understand that when you do not play the same arp over and over and call it a song. Well thats the gist of it in the video i show you first what not to do. The…