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How to make melodic trance riff melody

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Dark Techno tutorial part2

Making Dark Techno part 2

Hello people today i will be showing you how to make a dark techno riff. If you have not seen part 1 of how to make dark techno then go here I know its been 6 years since i made that dark trance tutorial but the same things apply in this techno tutorial but,what we will be doing different is using f-minor for that dark and erie sound.

 Lets make the sound  You can use this sound sound for your main riff,a intro,a breakdown whatever so here goes.Like i said earlier this sound will focus on f minor.So the notes we will be using are F,G,A -flat,B flat,C and Dflat Without any hesitation watch the video below on my youtube.

 If you would rather not watch the video then read my instructions: Create a 303 arp Use only triads make sure the I chord is f-minor Then make sure you go in downward motion I hope you enjoyed my tutorial .

Dark Techno and House was one of my earlier influences before i got into trance
Dark Techno music besides trance is one of my favorites t…

How to make Techno music

How to make a Techno lead This is for all the newbies out there,just starting out on how to make that techno lead. I will be posting many tutorials on different synths so you can get a basic idea on how to produce that wicked techno lead.
The first tutorial is with using v-station. I know V-station is like ancient and no one uses v-station  or k station anymore. The hope is some people still use it. The thing is you can use my tutorials with any of your synths as long as you have an analog synth with asdr envelopes thats all you need to follow along.
so have a look at the video on youtube here
if you like the percussion in the video you can get the sample pack  here i think it is only 22 dollars pretty cheap for a solid edm sample pack.
How to make a techno lead with minimal

I just made another video for those of you who do not have v-station. this synth is called minimal it is a free vst you can find  here I wanted to create this video to teach newbies how easy it is to produce tech…

Where have i been have not posted any edm blogs in quite a while.

Im backHello people i know i kind of been awol for a while i kind of got busy with stuff.Some family stuff and did not have time to blog on my edm blog you have come to know and love.Anyhow wanted to let you know im back and will continue to start blogging again. Anything edm subject youd like me to blog about let me know in the comments section.
While i was awayAlso while i was away i was working on a edm tutorial book. I know what your thinking do we really need another edm book? The simple answer is yes as my ebook will not be the same run of the mill ebooks you have grown acustom to. So stay tuned for that its not published yet or not available for sale yet at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
When it is available i sure will spread the word on my blog and twitter so you will know its available. I am giving away free copies to the first 100 people who subscribe to me on  my youtube or follow me   @oldskooltekno all i ask from you is to leave a review when done reading the book thats it.

How to play a guitar

I have had this question in my mind for a while. Growing up in the 70s i have listened and admired some of these famous guitar players.
I know this is a edm blog and thats the main focus but,i dont discriminate and am a fan of the arts.
So ask yourself If everyone learn to play the  guitar, just like everyone does from a guitar teacher .Yes with the same basic guitar lessons when they learn the basics of electric guitar and acoustic guitar,guitar chords etc.Then why do we have famous guitar players with there own signature sound?If everyone learns the same basics guitar lessons of learning to play the guitar. Then how do you explain this?Stevie Ray Vaughan
Eric Clapton
Jimmy Hendrix
Eddie Van Halen
Carlos Santana
LennyKravitz Each one of these artists sound is unique and they all sound great but ,why dont they all sound the same if they all took the same guitarlessons when they were little?

How to Mashup Songs

The difference between Mashing up and Djing

Hey guys im back after a long hiatus i kind of got busy with stuff but ill be back again posting about Edm what i love.

In this video i made a short video showing newbies the difference between djing and mashups.

As a former dj i used to dj a lot and i know theres a big  difference.
Anyhow this is just a quick video showing you the difference. Id like to hear your thoughts below ,post and share some of your mashups and your comments below. I did not make a long mashup its just short to the point.

So hopefully my next post i will post more of a longer Mashup and you guys post yours too so we can share tips and all.

Adding movement to your supersaw trance pad breakdowns

Adding movement to your breakdownsIncase you have been  under a rock all year and have not heard my music then you will already know that I have a knack for the classic techno and trance.
Hey my twitter handle is @oldskooltekno my email address starts with teknooldskool . So as you can see I am very fond of the oldskool style trance and techno the kind you did not hear on the radio unless it was a college radio station and it was 3am in the morning. A bit of historySo while I may be a product of the 80s and grew up in the 80s and fell in love with techno  and trance back then from the onset. I know its not 1989 or 1992 it is actually 2018.
For the most part recent producers  and modern producers of today do not use or implement these long evolving breakdowns you have come to know,like Rank1  or Tiestos rendition of adigio for strings.

Why add movement?The reason you will add some movement to your pads in the way of harmony ,and some use of tension is you want to create some catchy evolvi…