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use the triangle for trance instead of the supersaw

The Super Triangle I know a lot of people when they think of producing trance the first  thing that comes to there mind is firing up a supersaw waveform in there synth or programming a supersaw to play the melody of your lead synth. Yes its very common to think of only the saw and square when thinking of trance and techno. One waveform a lot of people are overlooking is the triangle wave form. The TriangleSo do yourself a favor and go into your daw or your synth and change the waveform on some of your tracks to triangle and see what it sounds like. Youd be surprised as how it sounds just as good as a saw. While your at it try to use a sine waveform too. Sines sound great for dark or somber trance.
I went ahead and made some examples for you to hear what im talking about below. 

In the next few days I will give you different examples ,from some of my other tracks to show you what you can achieve by using a triangle waveform instead of using a saw for everything.  If you been produc…

Make psychtrance in 3 minutes

The easy method to create Psychedelic trance

Again focusing on newbies and beginners this tutorial shows you how to use music theory to make  Psychedelic trance its not that hard at all all you have to do is use the right mode and   the whole mood will change giving you that trance like Psychedelic feel and emotion.

Do not over do it with percussion

Do not over do it with percussion One of the main mistakes new producers make when making edm is they program one 2 or 3 bar drum loop then they just loop it over and over  until they get a 8 minute track! This is by far one of the worst things you can do . Number one think of a drummer for a moment. Im sure you been to a Coldplay concert before  and seen a real drummer haven't we all been to a Coldplay concert? If not check this video.

Notice how the drummer does not hit the percussion or drums with the sticks at the same velocity,the same length of time and make the same sound each time. The drummer also has 2 hands and 2 feet so he can only trigger so many hits at any given time. The drummer also does not just play the  open high hat,the bass drum and the snares on the 2s and the 4s over and over and sound like a robot. No the drummer is human he gets tired he may hit one or a few hits with more force than others,then the drummer as you notice is setting the tone for the rest …

The Techno Tutorial by Bertsbeats

In this 6 video techno tutorial i mainly focus on how to make a simple techno track ,some free software to use,an overview of some different forms of techno,how to make a 303 and a techno lead and how to arrange a track. While this tutorial is mainly geared for newbies as what im about to show you in the video if you been producing  for a while you may not find anything useful you should know all this stuff already . There is still a chance if your a novice you may find something useful. I do have a trance tutorial in the works,i will be uploading soon once its complete so Stay tuned for my full on start to finish trance tutorial. Again the trance tutorial is also for newbies but ,covers some complex,complicated things in it .So what i will do is break up the tutorials in days for example this video may be an hour long ,and deal with a lot of concepts so to not have the newbie or beginner get lost in it.  Instead  when i have taught you enough you will see in the video it will say en…

Counterpoint in Edm

Do not forget counterpoint I know counterpoint is overlooked in edm but ,if done right is quite effective as you will see from my example below. Basically all you need to do to get started is to write 2 melodies going in two different directions in the same key basically  contrary motion. Do not worry about falling on the same pitch or anything just experiment until you get something that gels then bounce off it. For instance start your song with 2 melodies in 2 instruments playing the same time,then bring in your main instrument in a new melody in same key new instrument but later on in this melody bring back one of the earlier melodies to bring back the counter point. At first it may be a bit confusing just remember a few things counterpoint is not harmony,counter point is not an arp or arpeggio.Its also not the verse.Think of it as another melody line in contrast with your first melody . You can use it anywhere in your song during the middle 8 section/or break or any section youd …

Whats the best free vst that sounds real like analog

The best free vst  I get this question a lot whats the best free vst to use to program vst for that warm and analog rich sound that almost sounds like the real thing. Well the truth is it all  depends on what sound your after i bought maybe a few famous vsts then i downloaded a lot of free vsts that of course sounded real.

The first one is Obxd  is one of my favorites  my second favorite is a winner too you could have either one of these #1 and #2 its Pg-8X So do not get fooled into thinking you need to spend hundreds for a synth when you can download some free synths and sound close to hardware.Get them here  Pg8x

and  Obxd Happy producing

What music software do i use?

Music composition software or digital audio workstation Or in short what daw do you use? Yes   I get this question a lot what software do you use by newbies and advanced experts.I must say it really all depends with what you are comfortable about with using. Music genre has no bearing on what daw you use since you can make any type of music with any daw. Classical,pop,R&b ballad,Hip Hop,edm pretty much anything you consider music you can also create in a daw,so the daw does not discriminate the genre. A lot of the forums i see people ask what is the best sequencer/softsynth/daw for making trance? or making Techno? or Edm? etc etc,  The basic answer is anyone. Let me explain when i first started out i did not have much funds so i got the cheapest daw i could find i found xl home studio i think it was 89 dollars or 119 or something . The cd came to my house i was so happy until i loaded the program and  realized what mistake i was making.    Basically the program xl home studio for…

Main Chorus Riff and Leads

Main Chorus leads I will be back in a few days posting some screen shots of  a few of my synths to help you guys learn how to program main riffs  for trance,prog house,deep house etc.
so stay tuned
ill be posting screen shots from
v-station massive and a few other synths i can remember off the top of my head which ones exatly but if you have one youd like me to post some screen shots of and an example of what it will sound like post a reply and ill see if i have that synth.

the first one shows you settings for envelope 1 the second for envelope 4 id like to know what sounds you get out of my example. tomorrow i will show you what this sounds like and in my supersaw page i will show you how to give a melody its character. And of course will update you with some more screen shots so you newbies can try out. This is what this blog is for newbies!
As you can see from the picture you dont need to use saw waveforms to make trance experience with all waveforms to get the sound you want don&…

4 ways to create those trance arpeggios

As you know  trance arps are the cornerstone of trance . You know when your in that underground club at like 3 in the morning and  all the music stops then slowly but,gradually you all of the sudden hear that arpeggios starting to slowly  come back in then it starts to pulsate ,then it goes on for a while taking you away while it gets melodic and a little somber before it gets happy again ,then the  filters start to come back theres some delay all the strobe lights are out its dark and your starting to feel that vibe going on in your head and you just want to get crazy  on the dance floor again well you can make that arpeggios yourself ill show you how.

Ill show you  4 ways the first way if with broken chords a melody on top and a bass note on the bottom

so basically you have your key your writing in then you shift the scale and the broken chords every 2 bars .

so for example bars 1-3 ,bars,3-5,and bars 5-7 and bars 7-9 are all a different note in the scale . you dont change the key…

automation and velocity and note lengths

The real magic of trance comes alive with velocity and automation.

To give you an example im sure you all been to a Sade concert and you will notice that the guy on the sax or the horns,the guy on electric guitar all of these guys none of them play each note at the same velocity!!!

Its so funny how i see newbies and even advanced professionals adding elements with the same velocity and no automation over and over again.

The fact is we are human so if we are trying to emulate the natural feel of someone playing an instrument we need to draw in some velocity  and create some automation. Back to my Sade concert example i know its not trance but ,no instrument just comes in real hard  or fast its usually gradually a slow crescendo or a decrescendo  ,or a long drum fill then everyone stops then a new element comes in like a new instrument so you could have the most expensive synth and the best gear ever but ,if you dont apply automation or velocity your stuff will sound real boring real qu…

Dont over do it with percussion

Try to resist  the urge and the need that you feel you have to use every  drum sample in your library in your track. The fact is that less is more. So dont get too busy with your drums  and your lead syth melody simultaneously  as it wont will  not sound right at all. So heres a few tips  to consider. If your making trance,keep percussion  simple and have  the main melody  synth busy If percussion is not simple and you want to keep the production  going on this track then make melodic lines less busy by not putting melody lines on each hit,adding  more of an attack  and release   ,etc you basically  want to slow down the melodic  lines ,so there both not fighting to be heard they each need space. On that same subject of keeping certain  sections of your busy or not  If your making a soulful  deeep house you obviously  want a laidback vibe going so having a real busy horn section or string section with funky drum beat would be overkill.
Instead youd want a laid back drum  groove with …

Creating tension

Creating  tension is essential , because if your music  just goes on with no contrast in a linear motion it will be real boring  and cold.
So create some tension  by taking out a few bars of some music elements before  some changes  happen
A few bars of bassline,add a few percussion  hits ,or take out a small bar of all music elements then re introduce a brand new section
Or bring back a main riff with main chorus but maybe this time play the main riff with different  instrument, in new key ,and new melody pattern. The possibilities  are endless  and remember  there is no right or wrong  in music so if it sounds good do it!

rolling basslines

Another way to add some excitement and energy into your mix is using rolling basslines
they are easy to make. You basically just make them with a tonic for example whatever chord your in if its bflat or cmaj you just take that one note and go up an octave.

Then you put them around the sub bass if  your sub bass falls on 3 5 7 9 11 and 13 etc then your rolling basslines will hit around 1,2,4,6,8,10 and 12.

To get that true trance rolling bassline what you want to do is have some interplay with both notes the one up ,higher up an octave,and the lower one. and play around with it with your sub bass and your kick until you get it just right.

dont forget to add some distortion !

The Super Saw

I see  lot of people still struggle with making the supersaw  eventhough its outdated as its not the 90s anymore.It still is popular and useful  today but ,more of in a limited role as in the 90s when it was the main anthem throughout the whole song now the supersaw is still useful.

If you want to know how to make a supersaw keep in mind you dont need to always have to use a saw you could mix it with a square or triangle or use two triangles its all up to the sound your trying to create.
Try to experiment with it.

on to the super saw tutorial

1 power up one of your soft synths that is a analog soft synth dont use any emulation soft synths or rompler synths most rompler synths just play the sound of the saw but ,your not really creating the sound,and emulation synths already have the sound of a famous synth again your not really doing much creation in the process of the supersaw.

So my suggestion is to only use a analog soft synth for this like v-station or synth1 etc
2 to fatten up th…
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Ive been searching the blogs and forums for years way back when i was a newbie believe me we all have to start somewhere and i was new too once ,we all were new at some point but ,im not new anymore . No one in this world starts anything and is a master at everything in the beginning.

So like i said ive searched the boards and i see a lot of people are still having trouble making trance and other edm genres,well im not one who puts music in classifications but,you know what i mean if your one of those girls or guys who need some trance info ,or deep house ,or techno info well youve come to the right place.

Ill be posting tutorials and all kinds of edm styles so check back for tutorials when i have time to post of  course ill try to get on a regular schedule