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rolling basslines

Keep the rhythm going

Another way to add some excitement and energy into your mix is using rolling basslines
they are easy to make. You basically just make them with a tonic for example whatever chord your in if its bflat or cmaj you just take that one note and go up an octave.

Then you put them around the sub bass if  your sub bass falls on 3 5 7 9 11 and 13 etc then your rolling basslines will hit around 1,2,4,6,8,10 and 12.

To get that true trance rolling bassline what you want to do is have some interplay with both notes the one up ,higher up an octave,and the lower one. and play around with it with your sub bass and your kick until you get it just right.

dont forget to add some distortion ! Incase you need some help look here .

What i done here is find an octave and go up one octave in this case its a2 and a3 and alternate the notes.
in my case i chose bflat and bflat. You can choose whatever note you want just use two of the same notes. To get more creative make your own melody with t…

The Super Saw

I see  lot of people still struggle with making the supersaw  eventhough its outdated as its not the 90s anymore.It still is popular and useful  today but ,more of in a limited role as in the 90s when it was the main anthem throughout the whole song now the supersaw is still useful.

If you want to know how to make a supersaw keep in mind you dont need to always have to use a saw you could mix it with a square or triangle or use two triangles its all up to the sound your trying to create.
Try to experiment with it.

on to the super saw tutorial

1 power up one of your soft synths that is a analog soft synth dont use any emulation soft synths or rompler synths most rompler synths just play the sound of the saw but ,your not really creating the sound,and emulation synths already have the sound of a famous synth again your not really doing much creation in the process of the supersaw.

So my suggestion is to only use a analog soft synth for this like v-station or synth1 etc
2 to fatten up the soun…
My title
            The Trance tutorial blog
Ive been searching the blogs and forums for years way back when i was a newbie believe me we all have to start somewhere and i was new too once ,we all were new at some point but ,im not new anymore . No one in this world starts anything and is a master at everything in the beginning.

So like i said ive searched the boards and i see a lot of people are still having trouble making trance and other edm genres,well im not one who puts music in classifications but,you know what i mean if your one of those girls or guys who need some trance info ,or deep house ,or techno info well youve come to the right place.

Ill be posting tutorials and all kinds of edm styles so check back for tutorials when i have time to post of  course ill try to get on a regular schedule.