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Counterpoint in Edm

Do not forget counterpoint I know counterpoint is overlooked in edm but ,if done right is quite effective as you will see from my example below. Basically all you need to do to get started is to write 2 melodies going in two different directions in the same key basically  contrary motion. Do not worry about falling on the same pitch or anything just experiment until you get something that gels then bounce off it. For instance start your song with 2 melodies in 2 instruments playing the same time,then bring in your main instrument in a new melody in same key new instrument but later on in this melody bring back one of the earlier melodies to bring back the counter point. At first it may be a bit confusing just remember a few things counterpoint is not harmony,counter point is not an arp or arpeggio.Its also not the verse.Think of it as another melody line in contrast with your first melody . You can use it anywhere in your song during the middle 8 section/or break or any section youd …

Whats the best free vst that sounds real like analog

The best free vst  I get this question a lot whats the best free vst to use to program vst for that warm and analog rich sound that almost sounds like the real thing. Well the truth is it all  depends on what sound your after i bought maybe a few famous vsts then i downloaded a lot of free vsts that of course sounded real.

The first one is Obxd  is one of my favorites  my second favorite is a winner too you could have either one of these #1 and #2 its Pg-8X So do not get fooled into thinking you need to spend hundreds for a synth when you can download some free synths and sound close to hardware.Get them here  Pg8x

and  Obxd Happy producing

What music software do i use?

Music composition software or digital audio workstation Or in short what daw do you use? Yes   I get this question a lot what software do you use by newbies and advanced experts.I must say it really all depends with what you are comfortable about with using. Music genre has no bearing on what daw you use since you can make any type of music with any daw. Classical,pop,R&b ballad,Hip Hop,edm pretty much anything you consider music you can also create in a daw,so the daw does not discriminate the genre. A lot of the forums i see people ask what is the best sequencer/softsynth/daw for making trance? or making Techno? or Edm? etc etc,  The basic answer is anyone. Let me explain when i first started out i did not have much funds so i got the cheapest daw i could find i found xl home studio i think it was 89 dollars or 119 or something . The cd came to my house i was so happy until i loaded the program and  realized what mistake i was making.    Basically the program xl home studio for…