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the original edm bands from back in the day

What happened to the original  edm pioneers.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s I was a product of mtv and was into the underground club scene.Though I started out in the school band and playing instruments,then led to djing,and mix tapes  ,break dancing the whole nine you name it,I was doing it.

For quite a while I was into freestyle in the 80s. Then all of the sudden something came over me and I just fell in love with  techno for some reason and of course the progressive house/trance movement in the middle to late nineties.

I used to be a clubkid

I would go to all the clubs  from limelight,tunnel,sound factory,tequila Joes,loop lounge,shelter,temptations,Bahama mamas,lana lounge just to name a few as you can see I pretty much a club kid.

I think I was the only guy in the club who was not high as I only went there for the music and to dance! Sure guys came up to me and asked me if I needed anything but ,I just said no!

The music was my high

Really the music was my high. Id go with friends to just dance the night away. Id be leaving sound factory at 5 or 6am  then id see a line outside of freaks getting ready to enter the sound factory.

Id get home at like 8 or 9am my parents would be going to church and id be just going to bed.Or id get home while everyone still asleep go to bed then when they got home from church theyd think I just woken up. (meanwhile I just pulled an allnighter and did not wake up til like 1 in the afternoon) Those were the days way back then. Im older now and more mature now if I go clubbing these days I go to a place a bit more mellow like Cielo on little 12 street.

 Where are they now?

Recently I was asking someone what ever happened to all the original performers and producers of edm like.
Voodoo and Serano, Razor n Guido,Space Frog,Reina ,Luz Divina,T99,Kraftwerk,Frankie Knuckles just to name a few.

Without some of these  artists where would be today in 2017. Now a days with home studios everyone has there own sound and thats great but no one sounds like back in the day anymore.Sometimes id like to go back in a time machine to hear some of these bands live.
Thanks to youtube you can relive some of these songs and kind of reminisce.

As soon as Space Frogs follow me would come on it would seem as if i was possessed i would take control of the dance floor. 

Voodoo & Serano took things to another level alltogether

T-99 was when the techno scene took off on the radio

Every time i hear Razor n Guido it just brings me back to the sound factory and Tequila Joes from back in the day those were the days.

Reina no ones gonna change you - this was my song back in the day

I was not going to forget Frankie Knuckles as you have to agree that he started it all

Everytime i hear Luz Divina it actually gives me goosebumps and i feel like im at the factory. Jonathan Peters will be missed.


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