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The Super Saw

I see  lot of people still struggle with making the supersaw  eventhough its outdated as its not the 90s anymore.It still is popular and useful  today but ,more of in a limited role as in the 90s when it was the main anthem throughout the whole song now the supersaw is still useful.

If you want to know how to make a supersaw keep in mind you dont need to always have to use a saw you could mix it with a square or triangle or use two triangles its all up to the sound your trying to create.
Try to experiment with it.

on to the super saw tutorial

1 power up one of your soft synths that is a analog soft synth dont use any emulation soft synths or rompler synths most rompler synths just play the sound of the saw but ,your not really creating the sound,and emulation synths already have the sound of a famous synth again your not really doing much creation in the process of the supersaw.

So my suggestion is to only use a analog soft synth for this like v-station or synth1 etc
2 to fatten up the sound you need some movement you can get this movement by detuning the synths for example detune the first synth by -7 the other by +3 or +5 or +11 its up to the sound your looking for

#3 add maybe 3 to 5 voices polyphonic

#4 add a small amount of reverb and ping pong delay

#5to fatten it up even further create another patch and pan the sends maybe 25% left and 35%right
this way when you play it back it sounds like its one synth

The Super Saw Pad

if your looking to make a super saw pad when you have your long breakdowns or builds
basically use the same procedure but this time put the attack farther up,the release higher up sustain maybe medium or and decay higher up experiment with the sustain and decay until you get it just right but the attack should be almost to the top and again layer it with one or two more synths to give it that full sound thats all for now look back for some more trance tutorials.

Back to the super saw lead

Just remember people your supersaw does not need to be both saws for example you dont need to only use a saw wave form to make a supersaw you can get a nice sound also with triangle or square.
Try mixing a saw and triangle and adding a little whte noise youd be surprised as to how great that sounds. You dont want to re creating the wheel and sounding like 1999 again so branch out ,think outside the box and incorporate other waveforms like the square and triangle!

Hey people im back got a bit side tracked with some other stuff lately but,i will giveyou a schreenshot of how to make your own tracne lead soon


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