Counterpoint in Edm

Do not forget counterpoint

I know counterpoint is overlooked in edm but ,if done right is quite effective as you will see from my example below. Basically all you need to do to get started is to write 2 melodies going in two different directions in the same key basically  contrary motion. Do not worry about falling on the same pitch or anything just experiment until you get something that gels then bounce off it. For instance start your song with 2 melodies in 2 instruments playing the same time,then bring in your main instrument in a new melody in same key new instrument but later on in this melody bring back one of the earlier melodies to bring back the counter point.
At first it may be a bit confusing just remember a few things counterpoint is not harmony,counter point is not an arp or arpeggio.Its also not the verse.Think of it as another melody line in contrast with your first melody .
You can use it anywhere in your song during the middle 8 section/or break or any section youd like to add some  juice to your song to spice it up. I like to use it in breakdowns,builds and main chorus. The interweaving of melodies bouncing off each other has the possibilities to create so much so have fun.

I have a brief example Here but of course take your counterpoint to the next level and have fun.

keep in mind you may have to play it a few times to hear the counterpoint to fully understand it and hear it so play it a few times then post your reply in the comment section with your counterpoint examples.

Incase you still cant hear it

If you still cant hear the counterpoint going on it starts at 0:15 and ends a upt 0:59 starts a totally new melody going in different direction brand new synth to give you a new feeling some new emotion then the counterpoint returns at 1:47 until the end of the example. Remember this is just an example so you can learn from had it been used in one of my tracks i would have had more of an evolving melody weaving in and out of each other and would not just be 16 bar or  8 bar loops would be more melodic ,but,in any case i kept it short and sweet so you could learn . So again im looking for you to show me what youve learned so far so post a video or audio reply below.