Dont over do it with percussion

Try to resist  the urge and the need that you feel you have to use every  drum sample in your library in your track. The fact is that less is more. So dont get too busy with your drums  and your lead syth melody simultaneously  as it wont will  not sound right at all.
So heres a few tips  to consider. If your making trance,keep percussion  simple and have  the main melody  synth busy
If percussion is not simple and you want to keep the production  going on this track then make melodic lines less busy by not putting melody lines on each hit,adding  more of an attack  and release   ,etc you basically  want to slow down the melodic  lines ,so there both not fighting to be heard they each need space.
On that same subject of keeping certain  sections of your busy or not  If your making a soulful  deeep house you obviously  want a laidback vibe going so having a real busy horn section or string section with funky drum beat would be overkill.
Instead youd want a laid back drum  groove with some soulful  ambient  and spacious  pads with a few stabs and subtle counterpoint  melodies  underneath  your main riff.
Thats all i have for you today if anything  youd like to give you tutorial  on leave me a message  in comments  section.