The Techno Tutorial by Bertsbeats

In this 6 video techno tutorial i mainly focus on how to make a simple techno track ,some free software to use,an overview of some different forms of techno,how to make a 303 and a techno lead and how to arrange a track. While this tutorial is mainly geared for newbies as what im about to show you in the video if you been producing  for a while you may not find anything useful you should know all this stuff already . There is still a chance if your a novice you may find something useful.

I do have a trance tutorial in the works,i will be uploading soon once its complete so Stay tuned for my full on start to finish trance tutorial. Again the trance tutorial is also for newbies but ,covers some complex,complicated things in it .So what i will do is break up the tutorials in days for example this video may be an hour long ,and deal with a lot of concepts so to not have the newbie or beginner get lost in it.

 Instead  when i have taught you enough you will see in the video it will say end of day 1. At that time you can either pause the video and continue what you have just learned  to day 2 or if you have all the time in the world by all means just continue on.Me teaching you this stuff is very enjoyable for me,i enjoy doing it so i just find time and i do it,it does not take long for me,i just want to know that you learned how to make trance that would make me happy.One last thing im not famous or anything ,im not the best no one is the best we all make mistakes we are all humans no one is perfect. What i do do is have fun with music and want you to have fun too with your music and the goal is to make people dance thats what its all about! Remember there is no right or wrong way in music as long as you make great music theres nothing wrong with breaking the rules of music theory!